Rod Ferguson from The Coalition came on stage during last nights Xbox E3 briefing to unveil that his team have been hard at work on producing the latest in the Gears of War Franchise, a new title seemingly just called Gears 5.

With the announcement, came a little bit of a teaser trailer which showed that Kait is now the lead protagonist in the game and the Fenix's seem to be taking a huge back step within the series, we do catch a brief glimpse of Marcus and JD seems to have seen better days however during the trailer.

Whilst the trailer did seem to keep most of the story under wraps for now until later down the line when Microsoft see's fit to show off a little bit more of the title, it did seem to point at the fact we should be seeing a resurgence in Locust during this title, and maybe even some sort of mysterious power play could be at work.

You can see said gameplay video below and as always be sure to let us know what you think.


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