Microsoft has announced Forza Horizon 4 during their Press Conference featuring various locations around the world ranging from lighthouses to mountains.  The trailer features your usual sports cars, off-road vehicles, buggies and more along with various different landscapes ranging from snowy mountains to villages and cities. The trailer also had a black cab, hovercrafts, motorcycles and it looks like it'll be taking place in the United Kingdom. The world will have dynamic weather.

During the show, they also showcased the game in action around England, Scotland and the coast of Britain. It will be a shared open world so when you drive you'll be driving with the whole community. The demo also showcased how the seasons change the world around the drivers bringing unique gameplay. The shared world makes it easy to interact with other with the quick chat feature as well.  The entire open world changes when winter comes around making the driving experience more real than ever before and brings new challenges to racers. Finally, spring gets showcased and boy is it something else, it really looks like you're driving round in England.
Check out the E3 trailer here:

Forza Horizon 4 will be heading to Xbox One on 2nd October and will also be available on Xbox Games Pass. Microsoft Studios has also acquired Playground Games.

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