Rockstar have today announced a wide arrange of news and updates regarding to its behemoth in the form of GTA Online. Firstly they have announced a huge update to the online race creator that you can tinker with and make all kinds of insane race scenarios.

This update to the race created includes adding new vehicles, props and weather effects which will all be used to create even crazier versions of tracks currently within the game, and hey we didn't think it could get any more weird than seeing your motorcrycle morph into a plane 300 feet off the ground.

You can also now create your own custom Target Assault Races, trap-infested deep sea courses and teleport generating Transform Race Warp Checkpoints, and if this is not enough for you, you can jump into any of the seven newley created Rockstar Transform races and reap double the rewards until June 11th.

Finally their is a $250,000 GTA doller giveaway for any and all players who log into GTA Online between now and June 11th and when you come to log into your account after the 11th, you will find the cash deposited into your online Maize account.

Regarding the vehicle discounts you are able to get your hands on, the list of new discounts can be found below:

The Nagasaki Shotaro - 30% Off (Complete a round of Deadline to unlock for purchase)
The Blazer Aqua - 30% Off
The Ocelot XA-21 - 30% Off


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