Activision has announced that by the time we reach December 2018, the online section of Guitar Hero Live, named Guitar Hero TV will be having its online services discontinued.

This may not come as a shock to some seeing as the developers of the title FreeStyleGames got let go and brought out by Ubisoft shortly after the title was released, and then the premium content that used to be released on a weekly basis to much interest, all but disappeared and no new updates were forthcoming for a long time.

In game purchaseable items have now been stopped too, meaning that if you wanted to buy coins for free plays so you can choose to play any song you want or boostable score features then you will need to rely on items you already have stored up going forward. It really seems like the end of another new era with this news coming out, granted it might be expensive for Activison to keep having to pay for the licenses for music videos to be on the service, and that may indeed be a service nobody is using anymore. But where does this leave games like Guitar Hero and Rock Bank in the future? Two IPs that were once highly touted releases each and every year.

Let us know what you think to this news and if the music peripheral game series has a future or not.

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