Are you ready to fight alongside your best buddy and face a mad scientist breeding mutants? Great, as ZAMB! Redux is here and about to test your co-op and tactics skills!
In ZAMB! Redux you control one of two special operatives whose main goal is to fight their way through a mad scientist’s Secret Asteroid Base© while keeping the doc’s army of evil mutants at bay. Depending on your preferred gameplay style you can either chose to play Cye - a short-tempered, aggressive brawler, with a “shoot first, ask questions later” attitude or Chrome – a calm and collected tactician who never loses his cool. The other agent can either be controlled by the AI or by your best buddy, assisting you in blowing off mutants’ heads in local co-op while sitting next to you. In both cases, you can develop the skills of your agent, increase his power, and overcome 29 uniquely challenging levels that get harder as you progress.
ZAMB! REDUX features:
-29 stages to dominate and 3 environments to conquer – hack reactors in 29 action-packed arenas and take over the mad scientist’s asteroid base
-14 Powers and Turrets – combining your strategic mind with a brawling skill set, you’ll have to use everything at your disposal to defeat the waves of mutants
-Over 200 upgrades for each character – increase your range, power up your damage, or upgrade your AoE radius to better dispose of the vile mutants
-13 unique enemies – defend against mutant wasps, scorpions with blasters, exploding ticks, and titanic crusher bugs
-3 challenging bosses – face off against the mad scientist’s most destructive scientific experiments
    Replayability – unlock achievements and star-award challenges in every level and earn bragging rights
We got you covered with the trailer as well.  Here you can watch how Cye and Chrome deal with Dr. Hundertwasser’s mutants in the new launch trailer:

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ZAMB! Redux is now available on Xbox One for $19.99.

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