Three more titles have been added to the backwards compatibility program, two of which are the previously unreleased Saints Row titles, which now means that all four games from the 360 era are now ready to play on that lovely One X console you may have.

The newest titles see Saints Row 1 which was originally an Xbox 360 launch title, and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell which was the spin off title to Saints Row 4. Finally the last title to get the treatment is Codemasters love letter to Micro Machines before they re-acquired the licensing rights, in the form of Toybox Turbos.

You can Download all three titles direct from the Xbox One store as of today and their prices can be found below:
Saints Row - $9.99
Saints Row - Gat out of Hell $14.99
Toybox Turbos - $9.99

Will you be re downloading or acquiring any of these newest additions to your console?

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