The details regarding what we can expect from the Games with Gold program for next month have finally been revealed after such a long delay. Usually Microsoft tries to give at least a week's notice between the end of the month and when they make the announcement, but from record I believe this is one of the latest times that they have announced what will be in the program next.

Anyway with that short introduction over with, I am pretty sure you are all interested to see what titles will be hitting the scheme next right? Well look no further as this is what you can get for free if you have Gold in June:

- 1st June - 30th June Assassins Creed Chronicles: Russia
- 1st June - 15th June Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed (Xbox 360)
- 16th June - 15th July Smite Gold Bundle
- 16th June - 30th June LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The New Adventures (Xbox 360)

So what do you think of these announcements? In our opinion it isn't that much of a surprise to see the final chapter of Assassins Creed Chronicles going free seeing as the first two did also, what does surprise us however is just how fast it hit the program after the previous title hit just six months ago. Smite appears to be getting a new bundle too just for this month in the form of the Gold Bundle, what it contains however is a surprise for now. Seeing how this title is a free to play game and with the game featuring many unlockable gods and skins I think it is fair to say a fair chunk of the bundle will be featuring that.

From the Xbox 360 point of view though, getting things like Lego Indy 2 and the follow up to the hugely successful Sonic Racing, this month probably isn't all too much of a bust, but like always this month does seem like it should have a little something for everybody again. Be it nice child friendly titles from LEGO and Sonic to the more strategic options for Smite and pure stealth in Assassins Creed. You can view the trailer for this months content below:


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