Madrid based development studio Ikigai Gameworks officially unveils new details of its first work: Night and Day. After being shown on several conventions and fairs, Night and Day is officially presented as one of the biggest indie bets for next year: Adventure runner with environments never seen before in the genre and a devilish difficulty that will please even the most hardcore gamers.
The game made by Ikigai Gameworks mixes a spectacular graphic environment in which day and night collide, elements such as shortcuts, bosses and mini-bosses and a game system that, at first glance, seems simple. The game's mechanics and controls are simple, but its difficulty is tremendously high.
True to the runner genre, Ikigai title maintains simple gameplay mechanics and seemingly simple controls, but when it comes to playing, Night and Day will test your reflexes like few other titles have done before. Lane change, jump and dash are enough moves to engage you in a spiral of difficulty whose level of challenge is reminiscent of titles like Celeste, Meatboy or Runner3.
As we said, Night and Day presents an story of a complexity never seen before in the genre:
Live the journey of Colwyn and Lyssa, condemned to always be together and eternally separated by a curse. Overcome multiple challenges, touring the forgotten world of Celuria. Confront the red witch and her generals and discover the mystery behind the curse.

Main features will include:
– Simultaneous control of the two main characters, both in single-player and two-player modes.
– Tribute to classic arcade games of skill and precision.
– Simple control scheme.
– Two different local co-op modes.
– Camera angles used provide a cinematic experience.
– Test your reflexes by fighting against awesome bosses and minibosses.
– Narrative driven, challenging adventure.
– Discover the beautiful and diverse environments of the world of Celuria.
Night and Day, the debut feature by Ikigai Gameworks, will be released on Spring 2019 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.

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