After recently announcing the Earth Atlantis' release date for PlayStation™4 and Xbox One, on June 1st, Headup Games and Pixel Perfex today present the brand-new release trailer.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. A climate shift has struck the earth and marked civilization’s downfall. With most of the land now being completely flooded, life is only possible beneath the ocean.
The unique visuals of Earth Atlantis feature the style of old sketches, reminiscing a time where sea exploration commenced and the sea was believed to be inhabited by fantastic as well as dangerous creatures. Now, once again, the world has to be discovered.
Re-balanced gameplay mechanics make Earth Atlantis more enjoyable even for non-hardcore shooter players, while retro fans will be happy to hear that they can also use the d-pad for steering their ship.
In this future maritime world, the machines have found a new place in this underwater environment, too, and now roam the seas as terrifying hybrids of creatures and machine. Board one of four individual submarines - each with different weaponry and advantages. Hunt down huge bosses in an intense retro style side-scrolling shooter and rediscover humankind's sunken world.

Check out the brand spanking new trailer below:

Earth Atlantis is now pre-orderable on Xbox One, featuring a pre-order discount with 20% off.

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