I thought that I would post a review of the new arcade game Zombie Apocalypse seeing as I purchased it a few days ago and havn't really been motivated to write a review on it due to various reasons.

The game itself looks like a top down version of Left 4 Dead with a hint of Galaxy Wars and a 3D version of the Indie Game I Made A Game With Zombies Init!.

So saying that you may think why pay 800MSP for a game which I could get for 80 if I chose the indie title instead.

Well for one its 3D and it contains 7 maps which all have there own unique identities whether it be killing 1000 zombies in a grave yard to killing many more zombies in a scrap yard its all there.

There are also numerous types of special infected that you are pitted against with a list being displayed at the bottom with there annoyance meter for how annoying they can get whilst trying to kill them:

Standard Infected - Annoyance = 0%
Dodger - Annoyance = 0%
Big Boy - Annoyance = 25%
Sheriff - Annoyance = 10%
Granny - Annoyance = 40%
Kamikaze - Annoyance = 70%
Nurse - Annoyance = 50%
Radioactive Infected - Annoyance = 0%
The main boss - Annoyance = 20-50%

The reason for the annoyance meters is because when fighting some types of infected it can be easy or hard the standard type and the dodger are quite easy to kill with just a few shots of the AK-47.

Whilst the big boy can be easy to kill but if you accidentally run into him you cant escape his grasp which means you get killed.

The sheriff is quite easy to kill aslong as you dont go near him or his shotgun

The granny can be a real pain in the arse at times when your running away from other zombies and she goes and chucks knives at you which kill you in one hit can be really annoying at times.

The kamikaze which is easily the most annoying special infected on the game because when he runs at you he holds out a bomb if you shoot him he will explode but if your in his blast area when he explodes he will kill you with him which can be really gay at times.

The nurse's give birth to little red flying things which will easily kill you in one hit as well which is annoying when concentrating on everything towards the end of the game.

The radioactive special infected really aren't a problem in the game because there just slightly tougher versions of the standard infected.

The main boss whilst is easiest in his first form to kill by the time you get to his fourth form on day 55 he can be a bastard to kill with the level being in the dark and you have to shoot his arms whilst hes shooting around 8 different lasers at you in different directions.

So there all the types of special infected in the game which now brings me on to the weapons in the game, there are quite a few weapons to choose from like a chainsaw to a chaingun or a flamethrower to a really powerful sniper rifle which the game calls a hunting rifle. There's a wide choice to choose from so that nobody gets bored.

Overall even though I cant really say much about this game apart from a detailed list of infected or weapons the game really is quite good its just a good old twin stick shooter with no real purpose apart from surviving 55 waves of zombies to beat the game.

Give this game a pick up if your looking for something to fill in the time from now until Left 4 Dead 2 as well as getting an easy 200G if your good enough at the game.

Ill give this game 7/10.

10 years ago
I think you pretty much summed it all up quite nicely there, there isn't really much else too the game apart from knowing the infected and knowing the weapons - however I will add in the art about survivors and how you have to save them by protecting them for a small period of time - and also the comical quotes said by the teddy bear bait which you can throw into a crowd of zombies in order to distract them... then blow them up.

I'm full of love... and C4 - BOOM!
Also when he says whats your favourite colour....mines red followed by a bang lol