Codemasters have revealed that one of their much loved franchises Formula One will be making its annual return with F1 2018. 

The title is expected to launch this Autumn advised Codies, who mentioned that not only will the series be getting a much requested feature back (possibly golden age racing?) but also an expanded career mode in which players will be able to delve even deeper into the Forumla One experience has a whole. So to me this can only mean getting a coffee from the vending machine and attending team meetings instead of just racing around tracks and talking to press right?

Whilst the game was formually announced today with the logo, unfortunatly no screenshots of the title have yet been released, however if past visuals are to be expected and improved upon, then you can be damn sure this will be one very pretty looking title when it launches. 

Finally Paul Jean at Codemasters has all but confirmed that some classic vehicles are set to return and that even more great enhancements will be showed off over the coming weeks. When more news hits you can be sure we will let you know

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