So Yesterday Bethesda released a teaser for Rage 2 Their sequel to their Mad Max style game. 

Here it is here:

Not one day later did they release the gameplay trailer which showcases Avalanche Studios and id Software's open-world sequel, in which you'll once again delve headfirst into a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with chaos and pure carnage. Boasting first-person shooter madness and Mad Max-style driving bits, Avalanche will undoubtedly be leveraging its experience with the Just Cause games, and, well, Mad Max, obviously.
Set in the wake of an asteroid destorying 80% of the Earth's population, ruthless, bloodthirsty gangs and mutants roam the barren lands, while The Authority looks to rule over what scraps are left with an iron fist. Playing as Walker, the last Ranger (great name), you'll fight for justice and freedom having been robbed of your home and left for dead. Vehicle-based mayhem and brutal FPS gameplay in a, lawless, emergent sandbox is what follows.
Upgradable weapons, destructive Nanotrite powers, the ability to push guns into Overdrive for increased damage output, and vehicles including monster trucks, gyrocopters and more will also feature, as you fight crazed factions for control over the wasteland, battling "madmen, mutants, and monsters" alike. Check out the gameplay trailer here:

RAGE 2 is scheduled to hit Xbox One in 2019 and I expect to see more at this coming E3.

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