Today I am proud to announce the partnership between Xbox Resource and Performance Designed Products. This partnership is going to help us bring to you reviews on all the latest products designed and manufactured by PDP, be this controllers, headsets or docking stations we are aiming to bring a wide arrange of different product reviews to you so you can get our verdict on that extra controller you may have been eyeing up in your local store.

To begin this partnership we will be bringing you reviews based on the signature series Afterglow controller for Xbox One, as well as the Midnight Blue controller and finally the AG9+ wireless headset. With reviews incoming for the Camo controller as well as other products in both the Afterglow and Rock Candy range PDP develop.

I hear you also ask, When are these reviews going to be made public? Well I very pleased to say that having had time to test out these products extensively over the course of the last week, our review coverage for these items should begin very soon, and slowly start trickling their way through to other brands and merchandise you may be looking to buy in the future.

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