It has been revealed that Joy Ride will feature a hidden track which can only be unlocked by the whole community when the sum of everyone's progress is greater than a set limit... meaning as soon as the overall progress of everyone who has play Joy Ride is of a certain amount, the track will unlock for everyone.

There have also been a few more details about the game announced too so click the Read More link to find out about it...

These are the confirmed modes for Joy Ride.

1. Delivery Dash pits players against each other, attempting to collect and deliver a pizza to random locations.

2. Coin Frenzy players race against the clock to collect as many coins as possible.

3. Trick Showdown requires players to work alone or as a team to pull of as many stunts as possible before the timer expires.

What's also good is that you can collect coins in-game to customise your vehicle, however any further customisation and any additional tracks will need to be bought using Microsoft Points.

And don't forget, this game will be free to Gold members.

hmm meh ill get the game just because its free but the online play modes from what have been announced seem rather balls to be fair which means i wont play them