Bandai Namco has announced that tomorrow we will be getting a free update for their latest fighting gam, Dragon Ball FighterZ.  This huge update will introduce a couple of new features alongside a vast array of fixes and character changes. Perhaps the biggest new addition is Party Battle mode, offering up co-op fights in which three players can join forces to battle bosses.  So bring your friends.
Then there's the FighterZ Cup mode, a monthly competition in which players can fight to collect points towards their respective Z-Union. The update will also implement an extremely long list of gameplay improvements, fixes, and tweaks.  This patch will also includes tweaks for the Replay Channel, Training Mode, Story Mode and more.
Almost every character will also receive some sort of fix for various issues or a small rebalancing adjustment and so on, which when you add it all up, makes for a pretty major update. The Dragon Ball FighterZ Free Update lands on 9th May, with 3-player co-op battling, the monthly FighterZ Cup and loads more.

Check out the full patch notes here:
en.bandainamcoent .e u/dragon-ball/news/free-update-dragon-ball-fighterz

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