We're just under a month from the release of Dontnod Entertainment's aptly-named vampire RPG Vampyr. To try and build up some hype for the upcoming title with a new gameplay trailer, as well as a 4 new tracks from the game's soundtrack. Reception to Dontnod's first game Remember Me was quite varied but one element almost universally praised was the game's soundtrack espically by us here at Xbox Resource. 
It was scored by Olivier Derivière. After working with The Farm 51 on Get Even, he's returned to work with Dontnod on Vampyr and now we have an opportunity to have a listen to his work on Bandcamp. There are four tracks available to preview, they are: The Struggle, The Thirst, Bridge To London and Industrial Landscapes.  Now the whole album will cost $7 and since you got a preview of it it’s time to save up that money.

In addition, the studio has released a new gameplay trailer for us to enjoy. This one is mostly centered on combat, showing us a few of Dr. Jonathan Reid's nifty powers that he has now that he's a vampire, sadly he does not sparkle.  Check it out:

Vampyr releases on Xbox One on June 5th.

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