Developers Micropisa Games dropped a new story trailer for their game coming out a couple weeks from now.  Their’s also a demo for PC users, but some of us don’t have that luxury.  Anywho in this game you will join Alexander, who is the clock keeper and main character of this game, on his journey through the clock tower, full of enormous gears and mechanisms, where the collapse of time itself has begun. His precious clock has been sabotaged causing Alexander’s natural aging process to be greatly sped up. With time now being so precious, he needs to step in and restore its natural flow. Instead of collecting medkits, he must gather time to prevent him from dying of old age within minutes. And with many puzzles and enemies standing in his way he needs to make good use of his ability to manipulate time in order to unravel the mysteries of the clock tower.

I got to admit my favorite time has to be 6:30, hands down.  ;)
Don’t worry true readers I will keep the time puns to a minimum, for now, as we journey through this games new trailer, check it out:

It’s got me hooked then again maybe it’s my fascination with time travel.  The Watchmaker drops on Xbox one on May 17th 2018

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