We usually don't do movie reviews here on Xbox Resource but after partnering with Marvel and Lootcrate we found it necessary.  So with the formalities out of the way let's dive into Marvel's biggest and longest movie to date.  Will it live up to the hype?  Let me be your guide through the climatic end of the MCU's phase 3.

Marvel's Infinity War starts off with you wanting more and finishes just the same.  For the first time in a very long time I was on the edge of my seat for the entirety of  the movie wondering what was going to happen next. Going into this movie I thought, well I was pretty sure, what was going to happen, who was going to die, and what phase 4 meant for our favorite heroes.  Now I know I wasn't even close.  This movie breaks every norm that MCU movies are used to.  The took a lot of risks and every single one of them paid off.  The Russo brothers did an amazing job juggling the massive amounts of characters they had in this movie.

The best part of this entire movie are the team-ups and dialog of the characters who have never met before.  Whether it be Thor and the guardians, Dr. Strange and Iron man, or my personal favorite even though it was quite short Rocket Racoon and Winter Soldier.  There is so much here for every fan of every hero and villain in the movie.  I was truly impressed with the number of times every hero was on screen and how well it all worked.  The dialog and the action didn't just live up to the hype but surpassed it.
The worst part of the movie?  That's easy.  So I went to the first 3D showing available at my theater.  I reserved my seat (which only two rows are available for reserved seating) mainly because I was going to have to go straight from work.  Behind me was the second row of reserved seating and there was a kid who, and I'm quoting here, said ,"I want to leave, can we go home."  Dear parents I understand you want to bring your child to see the Avengers however, DON'T DO IT PAST THEIR BEDTIME ON OPENING NIGHT.  Sorry he just wouldn't stop asking questions or asking to leave.  But even this, even this highly annoying child could not pull me away from this movie, he barley phased the experience despite me writing a paragraph about him.  I'm not sure anything could have ruined the experience this movie gave me.
The final thing I can say, mainly because this is a spoiler free review, is see this movie.  I guarantee whether you're just a fan of a couple characters or just one you are going to love this movie.  It makes you want more, it makes you want the sequel tomorrow, and it certainly makes it my favorite Marvel movie to date.  Which is saying so much from my standpoint because I never thought anything would beat the first  Avengers movie but here we are, and it didn't just beat it it blew it out of the god dam f-ing water.  It's truly a emotional roller coaster as well as i'm 100 percent sure everyone in my theater at some point or another had a tear in their eye except for maybe THE KID WHO DIDN'T STOP TALKING.  Sorry last time i promise.  I implore you to find time for this movie because it's not one anyone should miss even if they haven't been keeping up on the MCU's multiple movies.  It's a truly marvel, pun very much intended, of a film and i personally will probably will be seeing this again in the coming weeks.
This will be getting the highest review score i have personally ever given, well maybe until my review of Hellblade next week but we will see.

Review Score:
See this movie, tell people to see this movie, and don't under any circumstances spoiler it for anyone or bring a child past their bed time.  Look I'm sorry, ok? he really just wouldn't stop talking,

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