Rising Star Games , the creators of Stick It To The Man, announced their brand new title today called Flipping Death.  It’s a game where you take over for the grim reaper himself.  Sounds interesting enough, so let’s join the land of the dead and dive right in.
When Penny dies under mysterious circumstances, she wakes up and finds herself filling in for DEATH HIMSELF! This temp job comes with a new power - the ability to flip between the worlds of the living and the dead! In this puzzling platformer, she’ll need that - and her wits - if she ever hopes to unravel the mystery of her demise.  Check out the new trailer here:

As you can see you will be leaping between platforms, solving puzzles, and helping  the dead rest in peace by possessing the living and making them dance around at your merest whim in this comedy adventure game by Zoink Games, with writing by the Eisner-award winning Ryan North.
Here's a list of stuff you can do in game:

Flip between worlds: Move swiftly between the living and the dead.

Possess the living: Control their limbs and read their minds to solve puzzles.

Play as Death: You're just a temp, but the ultimate power of life and death is in your hands.

Dive into a rich, colorful world: Explore vivid environments in a pop-up book style and make your way through a completely original storyline!

The digital version of Flipping Death spooks its way onto Xbox One in August, 2018.

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