As we slowly reach the release date of Laser League, May 10th, we get more details of the game and what is included as well as the end of early access.  I for one have been looking to this game and since it is coming straight to Gamepass on release I will be able to play it day 1.  That's right guys on the day of release it will be available through Gamepass on Xbox One.

Here's what Simon Bennett studio director of Roll7 had to say about the end of early access:

Early Access has allowed us to get feedback from players and focus on the priorities...
...we have worked on bringing new players to the community and delivering new and exciting content. Leaving Early Access is the culmination of a development process that started many years ago and it allows us to get Laser League into the hands of more players, across multiple platforms, so we can answer that call and grow our community.

Now following several months in Early Access on Steam, Laser League will launch with a wealth of content including:

 6 unique classes; Blade, Smash, Thief, Ghost, Shock and Snipe

16 maps with unique laser patterns

15 power-ups with the possibility to drastically alter the match

12 modifier effects to adjust each class to best suit your playstyle

4 international stadiums packed with cheering fans

Over 250 unique character customizations

So that is a lot of diversity which is even better.  Now PC's gonna have a lot of stuff we don't have but o well.

Here's the release date trailer:

Let us know in the comments if you would like to see a review of this game!

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