Microsoft and Discord today announced a new partnership which over the course of the next few weeks will begin to take shape. The collaboration is to make it easier for Xbox and PC players to see which of their friends is online on either platform allowing the gamer more freedom to play how and where they want too.

When you connect to your Xbox you will be able to enter in your Discord details and this will then allow all of your Discord friends the ability to see what you are playing and if you so wish you can send them an invite to come play which will then mean they can jump on that respective platform. So this is not quite another venture into joint play, but we are still getting ever closer to being able to fully connect with other platforms on more games apart from cough cough Playstation.

Are you excited about this news and will you be connecting both profiles together? Are you interested in seeing where little advancements like this could lead to in the future like we are? Let us know

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