We all know the MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most impressive things in Marvel's history but I'm on a mission today to show you that Marvel does have it's ups and downs espically when it comes to the video game adaptions of their characters.  We have been focusing on the good and the best of the Marvel francise but it's time to get a little perspective on how they got here and where they need to improve.  Let's dive in with....

10: Thor: The God of Thunder (Xbox 360, PS3)

I have played this game and i just have one question.  Sega did you even try?  Perhaps that's not a fair question.  This game follows Thor as he battles his way through Asgard and other places from his lore.  However exciting that may sound it's just not.  The gameplay and voice acting is very dull and lacks any creativity.  It's not just one of the worst Marvel games but perhaps one of the worst Xbox 360 games as well.  The only and i mean ONLY saving grace is when you throw Thor's hammer at an enemy, when you're at full power,  it is actually really cool but this is once in a blue moon as the combat system is just at it's worst. To keep this article short I'll stop here you get the idea.

9: Silver Surfer (NES)

I got this for Christmas one year, and yes I understand that makes my age show a bit.  I was a huge fan of the Silver Surfer as a child and while this game disappointed me to but this in perspective his movie adaptation was miles better then this game and that's a bold statement, let me prove it in 5 easy sentences.
1. If an enemy hits you, you die
2. You can go over some objects but going over some objects will kill you, EVEN IF THE LOOK THE EXACT SAME
3.  It is impossible to know bosses patterns as they are both unpredictable and erratic.

4.  Don't worry enemies will swarm you while fighting a boss

Sorry, the game was hard and checkpoints were few and far apart.  I personally never beat this game because of the difficulty and   insta-death mechanics, and as hard as it is to admit there are much worse Marvel games then this one.  For example:

8: Fantastic 4 (PlayStation)

When it comes to the Fantasic 4 no one besides the comics and LEGO seems to know what to do.  This game is a perfect example.  Your attacks take so long you are bound to get it with a slew of attacks just while your punching if that wasn't enough the levels are bland and boring and the game is just super repetitive.  Why is this above Silver Surfer?  One reason and one reason only, you can play as She-Hulk

7: X-Men Destiny (Xbox 360, PS3)

As a fan of Too Human was excited when I heard the same people were making an X-Men game.  Sadly it fell very short of the former.  The hype was real for this game back in 2011 but when the game came out?  Awful.  Decisions you made were linear and had little to zero consequences, the "fighting" in the game came down to just button mashing, and final and probably the worst part was this game is no longer available as they stole the Unreal engine code and all copies we recalled.

6: Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (PS2)

Do I have to do this?  Do I have to live through this game again? I can't do it guys let's sum this up fast.  EA made villains, Captain America and Hulk die almost in the first hour, combat is way to easy, AI is stupid, and it was published by EA.  Moving on...
5: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Ugh, I wanted to like this game I really did.  The first installment of this game was my personal favorite Spider-Man game to date and i thought, "We can only go up from here right?"  Wrong.  From it's moral system that isn't forgiving in any way, awful cut scenes, and Spider-Man piss poor "witty comments"  Beenox failed the webslinger for their first time in 4 games.  It just falls short at every aspect of the game which is why this game finds itself on this list.

4:  Fantastic 4: Rise of The Silver Surfer (PS3, PS2, Xbox 360)

I can sum this up in one sentence, a bad game tie-in based on a bad movie.  This game feels older then it really is, it looks and feels like the old Spider-Man 2 Enter Electro.  Yeah it's bad nothing else to say here, well at least it is short.  I promise this didn't end up at number 4 on purpose, just wait till you see the remaining three that make this look like pure gold.

3:X-Men Madness in Murderworld (Commodore 64)

Now unlike almost every single game on this list I have never played this game.  So I ventured into reviews on other sites and then i downloaded a ROM which i played for about 5 minutes and  it was quick to see why this would be in my top 3.  This game is awful, just awful.  The game is basically: Professor X gets captured by Magneto and X-men must save him.  Now the problem here is all the X-men have different abilities like getting rid of certain barriers.  Which is great and all but since if a character dies, he is gone for good, yay permadeath.  So you could lose someone early on and then need him/her to beat the game but the game doesn't let you know that or end it if they die.

2:  The Uncanny X-Men (NES)

This was just a mess of a game.  The top down view, the melee characters in a game that was meant to be a shooter, the very squished sprites that didn't resemble the characters, the levels that were so bright they hurt your eyes, the list goes on and on.  There is literally nothing good to say about this game but unlike the next game at least it didn't take a Marvel superstar and amazing comic book and completely trash it.  Ladies and gentlemen i give you the worst Marvel video game ever made...

1: The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga (PlayStation, Saturn)

This game sharing the title of the comic it's "based on"  is a disgrace.  Basically the Hulk is taken to a high tech jail in the desert and he must escape.  Sounds kind of fun doesn't it?  Hulk smashing high tech computers and ships.  Well it's not fun, not at all.  The fixed camera makes everything look slanted in some way or another, followed by easy combat controls and puzzles that belong on Dora the Explorer.  The only thing Hulk should be smashing is every single copy of this game.  Hulk may be the strongest their is but when it comes to this game?  He is certainly the worst there is.

There you have it folks, the worst of the worst.  Marvel can surly make movies but it's time they step up their video game skills.  Did we miss something?  Let us know in the comments below!


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