iLLOGIKA sadly announced today that their title Subaeria has picked up a slight delay and will now release two weeks later than anticipated on May 9th.

The reason for the delay was cited as the game just needed a little bit of extra polish on console platforms , which I guess can be acceptable when designing a game for multiple formats within such a short team, slight bugs and hiccups may happen on one device and not the other so these need to be squashed out first. the developers however did promise that when the game launches it will be as good as it can be.

The game is designed to set a unique blend of platforming and puzzle solving and if that is not enough it will also feature some roguelike elements to the game too. Each level is procedually generated too which means that you will never play the same level twice as the difficulty slowly start to ramp up the further into the game you progress, but hey we all like a challenge right?

When the game launches on May 9th you will be able to pick it up for $14.99/£11.99 and you can watch the last trailer they released to promote the game below:

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