Capcom has today announced that Capcom Vancouver, the team behind Dead Risings 2,3 and 4 plus all of the spin off titles, and also the recently released Puzzle Fighter for mobiles, has well been taken off mobile duties.

They announced that the team has been essentially told to let Puzzle Fighter die and refocus to start building towards a new Dead Rising title. I know that this may not indeed Dead Rising 5 could be in early planning stages and that perhaps the next Dead Rising title which is seemingly all but a given at this stage, could in fact actually turn into some other project. Maybe it could even be another mobile title now that the team have experience in that area.

Let us not forget however that shortly after the release of Dead Rising 4 and with the lackluster sales providing some troublesome news for the team, they were told to let go a portion of their team with immediate effect and regroup on other efforts, and now with Puzzle Fighter also getting the can, this surely can not mean good news for the team in Vancouver. Maybe a new Dead Rising could be their ultimatum perhaps?

Either way when the new title does eventually get announced, let us hope it is more like Dead Rising 3 but with the art style of 2 and I am sure the title will be tons of fun with plenty of content to be enjoyed by all in both single and co-op modes.

To leave this article, this is what Capcom had to say on the matter "As the studio is dedicating its focus to our flagship Dead Rising franchise, we have decided to sunset Puzzle Fighter" let us know what you think of this news.

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