After Mr Flawless gave his account for which titles he would like to see hit our beloved platform in the none too distant future, I thought it was only correct that I also provide my take on the Marvel properties I would enjoy seeing make the jump, so that we could help save the day playing as one of the many top characters that Marvel has the ability to choose from. So without further ado here is the list;

5: Spider-Man
It is without a doubt that the new Insomniac Games Spider-Man title looks very cool and could well essentially be the best Spider-Man game to have ever been made. In what looks to be built on a modified version of the Sunset Overdrive engine, not only does Spider-Man look beautiful from the gameplay trailers that have been shown so far, but from the limited gameplay we have seen so far too, the whole game looks to give you an authentic Spidey experience, hell even the quick time events look pretty cool so far.

Whilst the new title seems to be exclusive to Playstation, we can only hope that this will be a timed exclusive, but seeing as Insomniac love working alongside Sony on various projects, I think it is safe to  assume this will not be moving over anytime soon. Maybe if the Spider-Man game license ever leaves Sony's grasps then maybe we can get another game that looks half as cool as this one does.

I will take anything as long as Activision are not behind it either way, despite a few semi decent games they published but nothing highly noteworthy.

4: The Punisher
The THQ game published for Playstion 2 and OG Xbox are without a doubt some true underrated gems that went well under the radar when they first released over 10 years ago. Playing this title easily put you in the shoes of Frank Castle as you moved from mission to mission plowing down plenty of bad guys that stood in your path, all with a nice authentic arcadey vibe to the game play.

When you take the sheer over the top violence and executions the game had to show off and mix in the stellar game and gun-play this is really one of those title I would enjoy seeing get a remaster at some point in the future. Seeing as THQ Nordic still hold the licenses for this from what I understand and with the recent success of the new Marvel inspired TV show on Netflix, maybe just maybe we could see a revival for castle, and even if we cannot get a remaster of this old classic, maybe we could get another game that plays just like this, and maybe even takes a few cues from Rockstar's Manhunt titles, without obviously getting banned in every country ever.

3: The Avengers
This is a pretty obvious choice, as who wouldn't want some form of title that allows you to play as any of the characters from the MCU or interconnected TV series? Bridge this into any of the stories that have already been told or take one of the Avengers story arcs from the comics, and add in some form of danger or even a permadeath gameplay mechanic that mattered, where fan favorites like Captain America or Iron Man could die in combat and leave your team weakened, I think this could prove to be a rather good gameplay mechanic.

Just imagine The Avengers stacked up to face off against Thanos after a rather grueling war with one of the MCUs many other villains, only to be half beaten to death and already weakened going into the final battle? A game where the odds truly are stacked against you, but only in a way that was determined from how you look after your heroes and relationships with other characters leading up unto this battle.

Whilst an Avengers title was slated to be in the works a few years back and then silently cancelled, we can look forward to the title that is currently in development over at Square Enix that is due to drop sometime before winter 2020. We can only hope this will be a good game worthy of the Marvel branding and Avengers name.

4: Doctor Strange
The movie was quite essentially a project that many didn't know what to expect from when it first got announced way back during the MCU phase 2 outlines. However with every new story element leaking through, the excellent casting of Benedict Cumberbatch and the fact the movie used some highly stylized visuals to show the powers of  magic in full working action. If we took all of these factors and combined then, surely some game developer could make a title worthy of playing as Steven Strange.

Think graphics that could rival the intense scenes from Inception or fight scenes akin to the elevator lobby brawl from that movie, and who wouldn't want to use time as both a help and a weapon to help defeat the forces of evil, especially seeing as a 2nd movie may not come to pass with recent comments.

5: Marvel Vs Capcom 4

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was such a fantastic fighting game with a bright and vibrant 2.5d visual scheme, that just popped and oozed of detail with every punch, kick and special move you pulled off. However Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite was....well...basically it was there. It didn't hit any of the highs that the previous game did and it seemed like more of a cash in off of the Marvel license than anything else seeing as it only really featured the heavy hitting and recently used characters from the MCU.

Gone were the mega villains from all over the comic universe and not to mention the X-Men and in their place we got the Guardians of the Galaxy, which in its own right is not a bad thing, but it just wasn't what I wanted from the series. Not to mention the countless gameplay edits they made and how everything just seemed so shallow in comparison.

So Capcom, how about a true sequel, that is worthy of the number 4 which features a whole wide range of characters from both properties and not just the flavors of the month, how about we use characters that may have fallen by the wayside in recent years or ones we have never got to play as before.

Honorary Mention - Captain America and the Red Skull
Seeing as Hugo Weaving as made it perfectly clear he does not and never sees himself returning to the MCU to carry on his portrayal of Red Skull, seeing as him vanishing at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, this would be the perfect time to try to bridge that gap with a game title that sees you playing as Cap as he tries to locate his Nemesis in the modern day world before Hydra can try to do any real damage. Hell SEGA's attempt at a Cap game to tie into the first movie wasn't even a bad effort so even something akin to that would be a nice warm welcome.

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