Rockstar Games quest for world dominance continues on as they have recently released a brand new edition of the all conquering Grand Theft Auto 5, which will no doubt help keep the game at the top of the charts for many years to come!

So I hear you ask. what does this new version come with? Well I am glad you asked as this is what the Premium Online Edition is bundled with. You get the base game with the single player story in all of its beautiful glory, as well as the phenomenal GTA Online with all the current updates the game has received plus expansions such as Doomsday Heists. However it also comes with the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

This pack is essentially your tool into giving you a head start into GTA Online as it gives you GTA$10,000,000 in game currency to spend on anything you want, as this includes one of the many in game properties, vehicles or even guns to help you mow down unsuspecting other players or to help out in many of the games missions or heists.

For the price you essentially get the game, all the released DLC so far plus a shark card to get you started in GTA, which all in all is not a bad bundle, and should keep you busy until Red Dead releases later in the year.


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