As an avid Marvel fan and for someone who is obsessed with Spider-man I think as a whole we have barley scratched the surface when it comes to Marvel games.  We see more Spider-man games than any other hero in the Marvel Universe.  I’d love to see that change.  So without further ado I give you my Top 5 Marvel games I’d love to see.

5: Spider-man Reig



Yeah I know.  I just said I wanted to see other Superheroes besides Spider-man but here we are.  The main reason I picked this game is because of the darker tone it has then we usually see from Marvel games.   In this story arc Spider-man is much older (early 70’s) and Mary Jane has been killed by Peter’s radioactive….err….”swimmers”.  Peter struggles with illusions of Mary Jane and ends up fighting a new sinister 6 and finally Venom.  It’s truly an outstanding story that deserves it’s own game.  It would be a break from the young, spirited, joke cracking peter we are all used to and bring a much darker, experienced, and troubled Spider-man.

4: Hawkeye and Black Widow game

These two’s dynamics and chemistry deserve to be put into the digital platform.  I mainly want to see this game take place before the Avengers assemble.  With Black Widow’s gameplay being a mix of Splinter cell and dialog from Life is Strange: Before the Storm.  I can imagine having to collect data and then confront the bad guy and use dialog options to get him to surrender without a fight.  While Hawkeye’s gameplay would be a more badass version of the new Tombraider.  These are just some ideas but I could see this idea springing into a game that sells many copies if done correctly.
3: Hulk for next gen

This is easy, I just want to smash things.
2: Ultimate Alliance 3

When I heard they were re-mastering the first two installments of this franchise I hoped it sold enough money to prompt the third installment, alas it looks like we will never see this game.  From the first time I played MUA2 I was enthralled by the level of detail they put into making every character feel different and act like any true fan would expect them to.  The added bonus is it followed the critically acclaimed Civil War story line from the comics.  One day maybe we will get the game we all want and if we’re lucky we will get it following the Secret Wars or Infinity Wars story line, hell I’d take Civil War II at this point.  

1: Maximum Carnage

ANOTHER SPIDER-MAN GAME?!?!  I hear you cry, but let me explain.  I can’t tell you how many times I beat the original for SNES but it was surly more than 50.  I loved this game so much and you didn’t just play as Spider-man but Venom as well.  However I’d love to see you be able to play as the entire cast of heroes including but not limited to Captain America, Cloak, Dagger, Firestar, etc.  The story is great and honestly one of the best story arc’s in comic history, to relieve that with voice acting, gameplay, and cuts scenes is more than needed for me wanting this game the most.  Carnage is by far my favorite supervillain and I want him portrayed in a video game to his maximum, no pun intended, potentially. 
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