Hello everyone and welcome to the beginning of Marvel week here on Xbox Resource.  We will be bringing you our opinions, lists, and articles are involving Marvel as we head into the premiere of Infinity war next week.  There will be a review of the movie spoiler free as well as one with spoilers on the weekend.  But with the intro out of the way let’s dive into our top 5 list for Marvel games on the Xbox one console.  These games do not included re-masters of old games, looking at you Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance!
5: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

The fourth installment takes two giant steps forward then one small step back.  The number of characters in the game makes the game both diverse and fun, the story is phenomenal and keeps the player engaged, and the addition of the infinity stones into the fights really makes the game stand out from its earlier installments.  However the slow pace fights is why this game finds itself lower on the list then it could have been.  Unlike the other games characters feel weighed down and air combos feel like a thing of the past.  I loved this game for what it was the story kept me begging for more but the gameplay made me wishing to boot up Marvel vs Capcom 2.  This was the main reason it found itself so low on this list.

4: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

The third LEGO Marvel game on the Xbox One learned from the mistakes of LEGO Marvel Avengers, that is you can’t just recycle the same characters and hope for the best.  This game brought with it an almost endless amount of characters and sadly fell just a little short of the first game.  Do not get me wrong this game is great.  The classic LEGO comedy had me laughing and honestly I enjoyed this game so much but the alternative versions of characters didn’t feel like new characters.  They just felt like the old characters with one different power.  The game is amazing but sadly doesn’t stack up to the other games in our list.

3: Deadpool

 Not the game the Merc with a Mouth deserves but a great game none the less.  This game is the closet we may ever get to a true Deadpool game, the multiple voices in his head, the never ending comedy, and the hack and slash while collecting tacos all had me enjoying this game from start to finish.  It’s hard to pick a favorite part in this entire game but anything with Wolverine or Cable was side bursting.  When the game ended I just wanted more but sadly the game was a little short.  Don’t get me wrong this game as nothing on the movie but in the end it was a very enjoyable game.
2: Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Telltale has been getting licenses for new titles ever since there first pick hit The Walking dead.  For the first time in Telltale’s games though they were given a Marvel title that took my breath away.  I can’t say enough good things about this game.  Every decision you make affects your teammates in different ways and since this bunch of misfits are completely different and have all different personalities its hard to not see this game as one of Telltales master pieces.  It’s a story about friends becoming family and no matter what happens they stick together and sacrifice themselves for those they love.   It’s also the first time you play as more than 2 characters in a telltale game.  Even though the majority of the game is played through the perspective of  Starlord.  The quick time events and backstories of the remaining guardians are played from there perspectives as well.  If you haven’t played this game do yourself a favor and pick it up.

1: The Amazing Spider-man 2

I’m kidding!
1: LEGO Marvel Superheroes

This game was both a turning point for the LEGO franchise and for sandbox games everywhere.  While almost every LEGO game to date had some kind of hub world this was one of the first LEGO games to have an entire city as a hub world.  It was the first Marvel game where you could fly around the city as both Spider-man and Ironman or anyone else for that matter.  Not only that but the story and the diversity of characters was bigger than anything before it but the amount of time that you will WANT to play this game is astonishing.  It draws you in and makes you want to complete every puzzle it has to throw at you.  The game drives the Marvel fan to play as every character not because you have to but because you want to, this is what separates this game from the others in the list and that is why this game is our number one game.  Well until Square drops that sweet looking Avengers game that is.
Thanks for reading guys!  Let’s know what your top 5 are in the comments!

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