Lootbox have today announced what subscribers can expect from their monthly subscriptions in which you have the chance to get one of two different boxes dependent upon your subscription type
First off we have the April's Core Crate which comes headlined by a very fancy looking Thanos Tee that sees him sat on a throne which has multiple skulls of what can only be described has his enemies by his side. You can view the tee below:

If that is not good enough for you however, you could also have the chance to pick up the April's Loot Wear Crate. In which features another fancy looking tee but this time totally inspired by the Infinity Gauntlet. Again this can be viewed below:

[left]Lootcrate have promised us that there are more cool things to be added to the boxes, if and when we find out what these are we will let you know.[/left]

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