So it is that time of year again where the leaks start to emerge about what the next Call of Duty title may be, and once those leaks start happening it then becomes increasingly harder for Activision to stay quiet on the matter.

Well this year is no different after insider leaks started to emerge last week that the next title which is being developed by Treyarch seemed to be set to be Black Ops 4 even though many gamers including myself thought they may try their hand at some other period or story piece.

Let us not forget for a second this will essentially be the fifth game in the Black Ops connected universe if you count World at War as the first in the series. Activision however today confirmed that the game will hit store shelves 12th October 2018 which is just about a month earlier then they tend to aim for when releasing these games. A full worldwide reveal is expected to come just before E3 on May 17, 2018.

Activison has described this new games as a "game-changing experience and will revolutionize the top-selling series in Call of Duty history". As they try to use the tagline "Forget what you know" whatever this means for the moment is shrouded in mystery, but class me as intrigued.

You can view the announcement trailer below and tell us if you are interested in stepping back into the Black Ops universe after the last game seemed to get canned for trying to be too different.

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