Ripstone Games just released a new patch that looks toward fixes, quality of life improvements and support for future DLC.  They have released the following list of fixes:

Improved performance and graphics quality
Fixed achievements not unlocking for games completed offline
Fixed tournament success rate calculation
Fixed online options never reappearing after starting without a network connection

Fixed various missing text translations
Local avatars now work offline
New ‘cinematic’ end-game sequences with popup for Elo changes
Added a button to lock the camera in place, and increased possible camera movement
Added a View Controls page to the pause menu

Added searching the leaderboard by player name
Added a 2D version of the match timer to the HUD to make it easier to see
Added indicator for other players’ online status
Improved explanation of tournament timers and added an option for no timer other than the 72 hour turn limit
Disabled the Penthouse mobile phone vibration noise
Fixed AI often repeating the same opening moves
Fixed the Join Tournament button appearing when a tournament is full
Fixed missing Offer Draw option
Other minor bug fixes
Support for upcoming DLC

According to the developers, they have often been asked about DLC from players looking to customize their chess experience. From the brief description provided, the DLC appears to be optional and cosmetic in nature, which probably mean no achievements, with Ripstone planning to provide "new breath-taking environments and hand-crafted chess sets." More details will be provided in the coming weeks.

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