The WNBA's entire roster will now be playable for the first time ever in video game history.  It's a huge step towards equality for athletes and Sean O'Brien, NBA LIVE's executive producer, had this to say about the collab:
The WNBA is home to some of the most incredible athletes on the planet, and we’ve been working hard to integrate them into our game in an authentic and meaningful way. This is only a taste of what we have in store, and look forward to working with the league on more great integrations in the franchise in the future.

Lisa Boarders, president of the WNBA, also had a comment or two about the upcoming game:
With EA’s expertise and ingenuity, the game will provide a terrific platform to showcase the players and the league, enabling fans to experience the WNBA in a new, exciting way.

EA also released a trailer to showcase the WNBA playable roster and some sick basketball moves.  The trailer is below:

It's quite a step up from other NBA LIVE games and will throw a mix of new gameplay styles into any hardcore NBA LIVE fan.  NBA LIVE 18 is set to dunk onto our screens in September, and EA Access members will receive a 10% discount on digital purchases of the game.

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