Overwatch's fan base has been raving over Doomfist ever since he gauntlet was shown in one of Blizzard's cinematic trailers. Doomfist hit the PTR a couple weeks back and made him the 25th hero in the installment.  Today we get a look at the behind the scenes making of the character and a good look at his move set as well.  Check out the video below:

Doomfist was supposed to be in Overwatch at launch and fans have wanted him since then, so the hype is real.  As you saw it's pretty clear where he got his name as you will be pummeling your opponents with that mighty fist of his.  While his kit is meant to be used in combo's that ultimate of his is pretty devastating and will turn the tide of almost any battle.

Doomfist arrives on consoles on July 27th.

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