The D23 Expo is an annual, well expo, that is thrown by Disney.  It's usually a place where they show off movies among other intellectual properties.  This time we got a look at Kingdom Hearts III as well.  Sora, Donald, and Goofy will be making their way through the world of Toy Story this time around and fans, including myself, couldn't be more excited.  This will be the first Pixar world the gang will travel to in their 10+ years of adventure and it's a good way to bring Pixar in as this is their first full feature CGI movie that was ever released.  Check out the trailer:

Now among the amazing looking combat, the fantastic looking art, and it being in Japanese avid fans of the series may have noticed something that would get them excited.  The trailer states the game will be releasing in 2018.  Ever since the first trailer their was never a release date announced and up until yesterday we had no idea what year it would come out.  So this was very exciting news for fans everywhere.  Stay tuned to Xboxresource.com and we will keep you updated on any news that arises on this game.

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