Bethesda has released a new trailer for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and it's different.  Bethesda has been working with MachineGames to produce a series of videos that would belong in the type of TV programming you might see in BJ Blazkowicz’s Wolfenstein world. The videos are propaganda videos coming from TV shows from the 1950s and early 60s and appear in small parts throughout the game. Bethesda will be releasing the full versions of the videos in the coming months so keep your eye open for those.

The new trailer features Liesel, a robot, dog, fire-breathing menace thing who is a assisting a trapped sheriff under a truck. Now we have seen this fottage before.  However the video also ends with some additional gameplay featuring Liesel that we haven't seen!  Looks epic, check it out below:

We also get the low-down on hoe-down by Bethesda:

"Liesel, the longest running TV show in the history of the American Territories, is back for a season of all-new family-friendly adventures!

This is Staffel 8 – the eighth season of Liesel since it premiered on October 2, 1953. Each season contains 26 episodes.

Liesel is the story of a Panzerhund and her human companion Peggy as they face adventures in a small farming community in the American Territories being rebuilt after years of oppression by capitalist parasites. Whenever someone is trapped in a burning house or being robbed by runaway häftlings – detainees – Peggy knows that Liesel will hear her dog whistle and come to the rescue. Peggy and Liesel will forever be friends loyal to the Fatherland and Our Beloved Führer, may he reign forever. You will laugh, you will gasp, you will cry, and you will sigh. Don’t miss Staffel 8 of the incredible adventures of Liesel – the Panzerhund with an engine of gold!

But why TV shows? Because it’s not just Nazi soldiers that BJ and the growing resistance movement will have to face. Oppression is also about undermining the very fundamentals of freedom. “The Nazis want to make their rule palatable to the American mindset, so they slowly dial up the oppression until it’s too late for any resistance to form,” says Creative Director Jens Matthies. “There are many, many steps to this. America is already formally a part of Germany, but they want to culturally make it a part of Germany too. They will switch the language to German and subvert all of the American symbols. All of these things are done to demonize the free America and glorify the Nazi ideology and German culture.”"

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will  release on October 27th, 2017.

Keep watch here and we will keep you updated with more news/videos when they drop

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