As Volition's Agents of Mayhem gets ever closer they have been steadily releasing character videos to show off the different characters we will be able to play as.  This time we get a drill sergeant aka Janel Braddock.

Janel comes from a long line of military service.  She has a very no nonsense approach to combat.  Which I guess fit's into volition's game?  I guess?  She comes armed with a energy rifle and is also  one of the three revealed LGBT characters inside the game, being in a relationship with the Agent's strike co-ordinator Friday. Don't have enough info?  Don't think I'm doing a good enough job?  That's fair but hey here's a hour long video of the inspirations behind her design and interview with her voice actress Cherise Boothe:

Don't have an hour?  Battery will die on your phone by then?  Don't fear!  A highlight video is here!  Check it out:

Looks pretty awesome and Agents of Mayhem will release on August 15th in the old US of A and August 18th in the EU.

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