With the most recent news of Microsoft finally offering backward compatibility for the Xbox One, many players rejoiced because they would be able to play some of their older favorite titles from previous versions of the Xbox. Now Microsoft is saying that they will not be offering achievements for the games that are included in the list of games that would be backward compatible. This could meant that players may be willing to spend less time playing certain games because there would be no additional gamerscore to be had for players that really work for those points. 

     Next, with this information came news that backward compatibility games will not be able to be played in widescreen, even though this is a little bit disappointing to hear, it should not deter too many players from wanting to play older titles on the newer console. Not all good things that are worth having come without a price, and unfortunately, widescreen support and achievement points are what it costs to have those titles able to be played on the Xbox One at this point in time.

3 years ago
I didn't think they would seeing as how they would effectively run on the original Xbox architecture similarly to how the 360 games do.

But at least you can still do the record and screenshots too like the 360 games.