This week we saw the final DLC pack to be released for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, all I can say is that I am a little disappointed with what all it had to offer. First off, the level cap for in game characters has been increased to level 99 and there are 5 new attacks that can be applied to your custom character. But when it came to the story that came with the DLC, I feel that it was a bit of a let down, especially with the difficulty of the story missions themselves. As far as what the missions entail, I will leave that to the players to find out what they are to avoid spoilers.

Though, with this DLC comes new playable characters, such as Merged Zamasu and Vegito and a new version of trunks with new attacks making him a stronger overall character, with trunks being offered for free this week apart from the rest of the DLC pack. It should be mentioned that these characters are not overpowered making them impossible to beat in battle, but rather seem to be more balanced than some of the other characters that players can choose from.

As stated before, it is believed that this is the final DLC pack to be released for Xenoverse 2, but if it will be anything like the last game, we may see a secret free pack get released for all players to keep players picking up the game for a little longer. 

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