This week, the game developer, SeithCG, announced that Ghost of a Tale has passed the Microsoft certification meaning that it will be coming to Xbox One preview. Currently this game is still under development and should be coming out sometime this year. Currently the demo for this game has been released on Steam for PC players, but with the announcement of this game coming to Xbox One as well should be a good sign for the independent game developer.

The game itself is about a mouse names Tilo who has been set out on an adventure where his life is always on the line. The game surrounds itself with the need to be stealthy in order to survive rather than to fight to survive. The game takes place in a medieval world where the player is free to explore its open world. 
With all of these features, this games seems to be very promising and as a third person game, I feel that it should be a welcome addition to the Xbox One Library. 

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