Publisher: Fermenter Games
Developer: Fermenter Games
Players: 1-4
Genre: Couch Co-op/Shoot 'em up
Launch Date: 06/06/17
Price: $5.99/£3.99

Neighborhorde, in case you couldn't guess, is a little game about some friends clearing their neighborhood or hordes of enemies. Now Fermenter Games being a 3 man team and a lack of couch co-op games for the Xbox One, how did they stack up? Let's dive in!

Pie anyone?

Gameplay 6/10
While the game itself has fun mechanics the gameplay is lacking is some regards. You heal more when your near your friends but when your by yourself you have to be by the bots which doesn't work. The game is meant to be played with other people but by wave 5 if your just with bots your going to be on your own, which is extremely difficult. However the game is a blast, you fight hordes of enmies including robots, wizards, and feet. That's right giant feet. There is a plethora of different enemies and weapons to use against them. You also have the ability to upgrade all of your weapons from the in game score using tickets you get from completing waves. The game starts off very hard but as you upgrade weapons and get a feel for the twin stick shooter you will see you and your team, bots or friends, will be making it further and further.

Graphics 4/10
Now this isn't your AAA game obviously and while the game is meant to throw back to the times where you and your friends sat on a couch and played games together, it still fells clunky. Your don't move as fast as most of the enemies, your characters body parts aren't connected, and when dashing it looks your player is teleporting other then dashing. The different enemy design and colorful world you are placed in stopped this from getting a much lower score.

We can do this, STAY POSTIVIE!

Sound 2/10
While the sound is nothing special the narrator or the guy the does the countdown rather is pretty awful. Other then that though there's not much to say here it's pretty generic stuff and nothing to amazing or detailed thus the lower score.

Difficulty 4/10
It's a game that get's easier with time. My advice to you is to play the game on easy and then after some upgrades jump into normal. You will find yourself making it to a larger wave number every time till you eventually beat the game. It's not hard given enough time.

Achievements 5/10
Not too easy and not too difficult either. You will need to unlock all wearable items and other areas for some of the achievements, but beating the game on Easy and Normal are straightforward enough of your skill level is high enough, and it will get higher as you play. You will get the best weapons along the way, making that pesty 10,000 kills achievement a little easier to grind out.

At such a low price, you can't really find anything to spectacular. Yes the visuals won't appeal to everyone, but the gameplayshould come first over graphics and they do a good enough job here. It's a game that thrives off being random and doesn't really fit into a certain type of game. If you and your friends want to have some dumb cheap fun, this is the game fore you!

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