Agent's of Mayhem creators Volition have released a new hour long look into a new character, Yeti. Yeti used to be a normal guy until L.E.G.I.O.N. turned him into a Hulk...ing big boy that bashes enemies in. Looks like Yeti will be like a tank being able to take the damage and dish it out as well. With his freezing abilities and brute strength he can be built for crowd control, melee damage, or strong burst damage depending on your play style. Now if your like me, and not many are, your not going to watch an hour long video so Volition released a highlight reel that's about a minute long, check it out:

After watching the big boy blue in action and you want more here's that hour long video of I spoke about earlier giving you a in-depth insight to the character:

Agents of Mayhem will launch on August 15th for Xbox one.

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