E3 2017 had a lot of cool announcements but one that probably slipped under the radar quite a bit is regarding the current state of play for the Xbox Avatars system. As such, Microsoft has released a trailer showcasing the new Avatars coming to Windows and Xbox Live later this year!

In the clip contained, you can see that the Avatars have had a massive graphical overhaul as well as a wealth of new customization options - from being able to choose the colour of certain items of clothing, your appearance and even props. You may also spot that some Avatars have prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs and one is even pregnant - further supporting the fact that there are way more customization options than were previously had in the older Avatar System.

What is also noticeable is that Microsoft is fully embracing the right for every individual to express themselves how they see fit - with all clothes being gender neutral, if you can see it you can wear it.

The new Avatars will be coming to Windows first and later on the Xbox platform.

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