CD PROJEKT RED the minds behind the Gwent: The Witcher Card Game have just release the game for open beta. So if you missed those pesky sign ups for the closed beta now's your change to Yu-gi-oh your way to victory! Yes Yu-gi-oh can be used as a verb. In honor of the open beta they have released a cinematic trailer that teaches you if your life is in danger, finish your card game first. Check it out:

We also get a, umm... "gameplay" trailer for the game as well:

In this trailer we see the card game at work, how opening card packs work, and a number of different cards with unique abilities. We also get five more trailers for five of the factions in the game. Factions work like colors in the Magic card game. If your not familiar with that you have to know Pokémon, it's like different elemental types in Pokémon. The trailers show off the different factions and what there focus is.

Here's the trailers:

I personally am I fan of the Scoia’tael faction, what's your favorite?

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