Bungie have finally premiered the long awaited Destiny 2 today - fans of the franchise have been treated to lots of new content, all new FMV's and most of all - actual gameplay footage!

The synopsis of Destiny 2 is based around a new enemy by the name of Ghal, Ghal is adament that the light from the Traveller was mistakenly given to humans instead of him and his Red Army and he is out to show the Traveller that it made a mistake. In doing so, he breaks through the defenses of the last city on Earth and lauches an assualt on the Tower - destroying it and everything contained within it (including all your precious loot from the original Destiny).

The Vanguard lose their power when Ghal encapsulates the Traveller in a large mesh, but somehow, the Travellers power manages to reach you, giving you brand new supers and powers. That and the quest for better loot and more weaponry and armour will give you a platform to fight back and regain everything that was lost in the assault.

Destiny 2 will feature more campaign content than its predecessor, with brand new worlds to explore, brand new missions, patrols, public events, strikes and of course - Raids. There will also be new stuff for you to do including Lost Sectors and Adventures. You will also be treated to a reworked Crucible where every mode is strictly 4v4.

Destiny 2 is due for release on 8th September 2017, with a beta coming up this summer. Destiny 2 for PC will be exclusively available on Blizzard's Battle.net/...

If you would like to watch the entire premier, over an hour long and featuring a lot more information than what we have included in this post, you can watch it here (though you might wanna skip to the 15 minute mark to avoid the countdown):

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