Recently, Microsoft confirmed that they will be including the use of keyboards to their video game console, so long as the developers use the tools provided by Microsoft to develop the games so that the console cane use the keyboard for certain aspects of game play.

According to the Senior Program Manager for Game Developers Andrew Parsons, this is an attempt to bring more PC titles to Xbox. Based on what has been described, it is meant more for games that rely on chat and large amounts of text input.

As of right now, Microsoft has no plans to bring a computer mouse into the mix, which would really allow full integration of PC games on to the Xbox One platform.

One of the largest concerns of needing to use Microsoft's tools to be able to allow a computer keyboard to be used for games on the Xbox is that, According to Andrew Parsons, through using these tools, game developers will only be able to utilize about a quarter of the capabilities of the console itself, which is something that would need to change for this to be a more attractive feature for game developers.

But the big question is, is this something that will interest gamers? Unfortunately, this is something that we will need to see once games begin to come out that allow the use of keyboards. 

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