With E3 roughly a month away what games have been leaked or potentially being developed?

Well there are some pretty exciting things circulating with the possibility of Far Cry 5 being set in the west. Sequels to the Evil Within and as we come to expect new Assassins Creed and Call of Duty which lost some following with the multiplayer driven game play of Infinite Warfare and neglected campaign but im happily to see it returning to its roots.

The big one im personally excited for is Red Dead Redemption 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 which seems to have a bigger single player/story element to it than previous attempt but with the vast genres we have avaliable im sure there will be plenty on offer for everyone as it grows closer hopefully we will have more information on whats going to be shown

The main question is what are you guys looking forward to the most for the rest of the year and what makes it appeal to you?

Personally as i stated star wars will be the one to watch for me loved the old ones need more space battles though

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