Portal Knights, the upcoming RPG/action title from Keen Games, has released four new trailers showing off the games world, characters, combat, and co-op.

The Co-op trailer shows the ability to play 4 player co-op as well as split screen. It also shows the ability to have a variety of pets and be able to build with your teammates. Take a look:

The next trailer is focused on the customization of characters. You can pick hairstyle, skin color, class, and customize skill and abilities. There are three classes in the game warrior, ranger, or mage. As you level up you'll be able to unlock unique talents which can be assigned to make your character stronger. We also see the warrior using a giant lollipop as a weapon, I'm interested to see what other wacky weapons we get to use. Here's the character trailer:

As far as the world goes I'll let the developer do the talking, "Journey to a world torn apart by The Fracture and defeat the evil that has taken over the shattered lands... Purr-haps with a furry friend by your side? You will need to seek out and rebuild the ancient portals. Through these forgotten structures you will run in lush meadows, quest across dusty deserts and do battle atop perilous volcanoes." Sounds like they have a pretty diverse landscape planned for this game and the trailer below shows it off:

Lastly the trailer for the combat system shows off bosses and other smaller enemies. Combat also includes a targeting system and some evasive maneuvers that seem to change by class. Check it out:

We can see players fighting gaint Vikings, golems, catapiller bug thingy, and a dragon. It looks pretty interesting and I for one will at least check out the free trial.

What do you think about the above trailers?

Portal Knights will release on the Xbox One on May 19th in Europe and May 23rd in North America.

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