Again, probably a little late to be reviewing this as it has been out for a while now, but just to complete the Nazi Zombie Reviews I will anyway.

Der Riese is the 3rd Nazi Zombie DLC to hit Call of Duty World at War and it is by far the best one so far. You start off in a large courtyard with a strange machine in front of you... but more on that later. There is an eerie sound of a clock which is stuck at 1:15.

Throughout the level you encounter various teleporters, a bridge and some strange equipment. As you progress you will learn that the teleporters are in fact linked to the strange machine at the beginning and that you must activate all of them in order to use the machine, you can also use the teleporters to travel back to the beginning of the map if you become compromised.. Once you have the machine opens and requests points in exchange for an upgraded weapon...

This is the Pack-A-Punch machine, the most talked about feature of this map pack. In exchange for points you can enter any weapon you have currently and it will expel an upgraded version of it... it gives you a mixture of extra ammo, increased rate of fire or reload, increased damage, splashback or cool down time. And your weapon also glows pink when fired.

There is also a new knife known as the Bowie Knife (insert reference to David Bowie Here), this for a majority of the earlier rounds is an Insta-Kill weapon against zombies. However later on it only really takes 2/3 strikes to kill them.

The Hell Hounds make a vicious return and this time, they are more shit scaringly scary that they creep round the map slowly and quietly, then when they spot you they burst into flames and attack you... it can be quite frightening when you turn a corner to get pounced by a dog.

Aside from those extra features there are a lot of hidden stuff in the map pack from Radio Transmissions, hidden music and text, and the Fly Trap Machine, but you will have to figure these out for yourselves.

If your a zombie fan then no doubt you will have this DLC and pretty much all of the achievements that come with it, otherwise I suggest you get it and make a start. The achievements are mid range, some are easy and some are difficult. But out of the 4 Nazi Zombie maps, this has got to be the best one.

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