In honor of the Star Wars holiday today I have decided to put a list together of the top 5 Star Wars games for Xbox. This includes games for Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox one. Lets dive in, shall we?

Number 5:
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

Taking place thousands of years before the movies Knights of the Old republic was an RPG where you created a customized character you went on a path to become a Sith or a Jedi depending on the choices you made. It was one of the better RPG's and is still considered one of the best which comes as no surprise as it was developed by Bioware. While the game has a familiar feel the story is what separated this game from the rest as it has a new and exciting story line that has nothing to do with the movies.

Number 4:
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Xbox 360)

If there is any game across the Star Wars universe that shows you the power of being on the dark side, it's this one. Players take control of Darth Vader's apprentice, Star Killer. Players take Star Killer across multiple worlds, killing a variety of enemies, and using force powers both dark and light. The game gives you full reign over the powers of the force including the ability to slam your enemies in walls, pull them towards you, or shoot lightning from your fingertips. It is a fun action packed game that pushed it's way onto this list.

Number 3:
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Xbox 360)

As a fan of the Lego games I absolutely loved that they combined all 6 movies into one game. The new compact game offered 36 story missions, 20 bounty hunter levels, over 120 characters to choose from, and enhanced visuals. The best part about this is that anyone from 8 years old to 100 can enjoy these fun little games. Just like every LEGO games it has its funny moments as you follow the story line of the movie and collect Lego pieces to be able to buy more content. It is the couch Co-op and massive amount of content that put this game so high on this list.

Number 2:
Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast (Xbox)

Players take on the role of Kyle Katarn as he undergoes a transformation from someone who has forsaken the Force into a full-fledged Jedi Master. At the start players make use the many Star Wars guns from the series. The game really gets interesting and really picks up when he starts learning the ways of the Force. Eventually, powerful abilities like Force Lightning can be combined with other Force abilities, as well as agile Lightsaber maneuvers. You even meet Luke Skywalker on your journey as he is training the next generation of Jedi's. In addition to the single-player adventure, there's also a multiplayer mode. Sadly the console version limits this mode to two players but on PC which multiple opponents it is truly a blast.

Without further ado I give you my number one Star Wars game for Xbox:
Kinect Star Wars

Haha Just kidding

Number one:
Star Wars: Battlefront (2004) (Xbox)

I had to have spent 100's of hours on this game. The only downfall of this game was that it only took place on areas from the first three movies. However battling in unscripted scenarios, a class system, and couch co-op is what made this game great. Honestly the battles were much more exciting then the movies and it was always a blast to play. Although the sequel let you drive and fly vehicles it never lived up to the fun of the first game, in my opinion.

Don't agree with the list? Thought I missed something? Comment below to let me know!
Happy May fourth everyone! And may the fourth be with you!

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