The Gears of War movie has been in the works for a very long time now. It's finally moving forward as Universal Studios has hired Shane Salerno as the new script writer. Salerno is know for Armageddon and Shaft but is also a writing for James Cameron's Avatar sequels.

Back in October 0f 2016 Microsoft announced the gears of war movie was in the works from Universal Studios. It did change hands as New Line cinemas, the minds behind the Lord of the Rings series, had bought the rights to the movie back in 2007 almost 10 years ago. Rod Fergusson, the boss of the series atm, said the goal for the film is not necessarily to copy over the story from a Gears game. Instead, Fergusson said they want to make the best Gears movie possible rather than one which is the most faithful to the games. Which if it's a good or bad thing is yet to be determined.

As of yet, there is no word on who will direct the untitled Gears of War movie or when it will release.

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